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For privacy reasons, recent data are not publicly available. A personal password, allow the family to go to the private party.

This page is designed to help you understand how I researched some names. My children Camille and Antoine strains of the family tree.

You can see below some branches of the tree. Detailed information can be found on the site which you can access at any time by clicking on the logo to the right of this page.

French Family

By clicking on this very simplified tree below, you can view the names for which I have researched (the "starting points" are indicated by*) and their relationship with us.

I started my research in 1992. At the time the web was not what it is today and the information passed primarily by mail.

I was lucky enough to move quickly on the family of Dominique through discussions with her great-grandmother and paternal grandparents who all opened their drawers for me and also allowed me to duplicate some photos.

Later, one of her aunts also began extensive research in the departmental archives and fed me information on the branch LAVANDIER COUPEL.

For my ancestors, I had more trouble and I have long been blocked until a distant cousin makes me part of his research and I found the site, real genealogical data bank.

I recently found a cousin of my father who helped me fill large gaps.

Since 1992, there have been many "cousins" genealogists who have allowed me to blow the locks of certain families ...

Mais il en reste de nombreux ancêtres pour lesquels je n'ai pas encore les clés.

Here the public branches of these "starting points". Some are very small, others are more advanced. To view one, simply click on the tree.

US Family

Browsing the net, I discovered one day the existence of Louis PARENTON, French installed Louisiana in the nineteenth century, married Celeste MOISE. It intrigued me and I tried to learn more, but again I was stuck until Audrey WESTERMANN, head circle genealogy Assumption Parish, Louisiana gave me a hand.

Then everything is chained, traveling systematically all web pages associated with a name PARENTON in the USA, I could gradually rebuild his descendants and the ancestry of his wife Celeste

Several family members have contacted me from 2004 and then helped me. We exchanged many emails before we met.

You can find below two public trees concerning Louis and Celeste:

If you want to study these trees in more detail, please save them to your computer (right click).