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News - October 2017
Update of the gallery : Pionnat
The idea for this website dedicated to family genealogy has been running through my head for some years. I launched in summer 2012, twenty years after I started my research.

The purpose of this website is to share the data you've helped me to gather together.

It will be a place for exchanges and contacts. I wish it to thrive and that's why I need you.

One part will be purely genealogical with trees and dates ...
Another part may be of interest to everybody : old photos of our ancestors, houses, places, historical anecdotes will enrich our family stories. But also pictures or more recent videos of family gatherings or striking events. For example I intend to organize a gallery of wedding pictures of the family, another of vehicles, another of living places for families ... and I'm eager to get your ideas.

The families studied

The eight families studied at the origin correspond to my children's (Camille and Antoine) great grandparents. These are the families: PARENTON, ROUTY, CAMPOURIS, GIROT, CHEVALIER, BRIART, LAVANDIER and COUPEL.

Through research, some anecdotes of the past led me to deepen my interest into other branches such as CAPRON, MONTASSINE, PINGUET, BONNET.

Since much of the PARENTON family is American, all the pages are available in English. I also studied this branch after Louis PARENTON born in 1821 and that of his wife Celeste MOISE whose story dates from French Acadia.

Public site but also private

Part of this website will be public and will correspond to public data (over 75 years).
But this website will also have a private access only for family, so you will need a password that I will furnish on request. This means that pictures and videos and updated information contained in this site will not be accessible to strangers, only to family.


Like any genealogy site, it contains errors, omissions. Thank you for the report and I will correct as soon as possible.

If you do not wish to be included for a reason which concerns you, just tell me and I will remove your information.

Enjoy your visit!