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GenealogySaint Valery sur Somme

St Valery sur Somme est une commune située dans le département de la Somme dans la région Picardie. It is the CHEVALIER family birthplace.

This city of 2873 inhabitants (2009 census) is located on the estuary of the Somme. Its inhabitants are called Valéricains.

emblem of Saint Valery sur Somme

The harbor

The harbor

The dock

The harbor along the dock

Harbor avenue

The output of the harbor

The church and cliffs

St Martin church

The hospice

Rue de la Ferte

The Commercial Court

The Canal de la Somme in the early twentieth century

Basin and locks

The locks of the Somme

Drawbridge and avenue Carnot

The dike

The dike

Walk along the quay of Admiral Courbet

The train and salt meadow sheep