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This gallery includes civil or military family decorations. Some symbolic objects are also represented.

First World War

Silvain Parenton Military Medal

The second prize in the hierarchy of French decorations is the Military Medal: instituted by Louis Napoleon Bonaparte (later Napoleon III) January 22, 1852, the model below is "the seventh type."
This is the model 1914. A trophy weapon made ​​junction with the medal.

Commemorative Medal of Verdun - Silvain Parenton

In 1914, upon entry into the war, the northern department is permanently occupied by the enemy. Deadly conflict are constant over the entire front line, which is stabilized Meuse near 120 km: Vauquois, the Mort Homme, Les Éparges there acquire a tragic fame.

From February 21, 1916, Verdun concentrates most of the enemy fire and becomes the object of a terrible battle. It is "the hell of Verdun."

French soldiers block the German attack at the cost of huge losses. Their supplies was sent by the only road use: the Bar-le-Duc to Verdun, soon called the "Sacred Way".

February 21, 1916 at 16 h 45, the German infantry launched an attack against the French positions around Verdun, Lorraine. No battle, no tragedy was marked as the memory of the French Battle of Verdun. It lasts ten months and almost all the soldiers of the Great War involved each in turn. The fate of France is at stake in this confrontation ...

This medal was awarded to all the French soldiers who participated in the Battle of Verdun.

On the obverse, a portrait of Joan of Arc and inscription "WE DO NOT PASS", the reverse inscription Verdun - February 21, 1916.

Award in 1935 of the Interralliée Medal to Silvain Parenton

nterralliée Medal of Silvain Parenton

This medal was created to meet the wishes of allies have a common medal commemorating the victory of 1918.

The aspect of the story is similar for all countries is the following: on the obverse must be a winged victory. On the reverse, there is the inscription "The Great War for civilization."

The following countries have made ​​their Allied Medal: South Africa, Belgium, Brazil, Cuba, United States, France, Great Britain, Greece, Italy, Japan, Portugal, Romania, Siam, Czechoslovakia.

War in Algeria 1954-1962

"Poilu" lighter of Silvain Parenton

This is not a medal but for the anecdote ...
Many items were made by and for soldiers in the trenches.
Here the "Poilu" lighter of my grandfather Silvain.
On the front is written "THE DEFENSE OF VERDUN - DO NOT PASS ON" - a rooster with the date 1916 and the words "Fleury Thiaumont."
On the back: "THE TANK" and a picture of a tank on a field

Badge of the 2nd Regiment of Algerian Spahis of Pierre-Etienne Chevalier

It is in this unit that Pierre-Etienne was incorporated during the War of Algeria.

This regiment was formed in 1845 and disbanded in 1962. It was a cavalry unit of the French Army.

This badge dates from 1952 : "Croissant beveled gold surmounted by the figure "2", all surmounting two swords Ottoman silver leaf decorated with gold laid crosswise."

The golden crescent symbolizes the Algerian units of the French Army, Ottoman sabers in honor of the Mamelukes Yusuf Squadron in the conquest of Algeria IN THE XIXth century.

Angel Marie Joseph Vantini, born in 1809 in Elba. He was kidnapped at the age of 5 years by the Barbary and becomes a slave of the Bey of Tunis. At 20, he is now called Yusuf and is Bey's Camp (equivalent to general). He fled Tunis after a love affair with the daughter of the Bey.

Arrived in Algiers in 1830, he enlisted as interpreter and quickly became an officer.

His career is exceptional because having participated in all the battles of the conquest of Algeria with his Mamelukes, he became General Division (1856), Grand Cross of the Legion of Honour (1860), Military Governor of Algiers (1855-1865). He died in Nice in 1866 is buried in Algiers.

Civil Medals

Allocation in 1999 of the Bronze Medal of the French Family to Thérèse Lavandier.
The medal was given to her in the City Hall of Aumale, at a ceremony with the family.

The "Medal of Honour of the French Family" was created in 1920 to honor the French mothers who raised several children with dignity.

There are three levels of award:
Bronze Medal (4 or 5 children raised)
Silver Medal (6 or 7 children raised)
Gold Medal (8 children raised and more)